Welcome to the website of the independent association of Belarusian theater workers who spoke out against the lawlessness and violence of the authorities after the presidential elections in August 2020.

We unite in response to pressure from the authorities to find opportunities for survival and development in our profession.
Over the year of the ongoing political crisis in Belarus, repressions by the state against artists who publicly express support for democratic reforms have become systemic. In the first half of 2021 alone, 621 cases of violation of cultural rights and human rights against cultural workers were recorded. As of June 30th 2021, 526 people in Belarus were recognized as political prisoners, 39 of them are cultural workers. 13 people have already been sentenced by the court to prison from 2 to 8 years, 9 people have received 1.5-3 years of probation, 2 people have been given 1-2 years of restriction of freedom without being sent to a correctional institution.

Today, many independent theatre groups and representatives of culture in Belarus are deprived by the state of the possibility to work. Cultural venues are being closed, legal funding opportunities are being rapidly reduced, and non-governmental organizations are being liquidated. Representatives of the theatrical art are fired for political reasons, followed by a ban on future employment.

But we continue to look for possibilities of interaction within the community and support from outside for the development and preservation of the Belarusian theatre, with its significant history, which is now systematically destroyed by state repression. We are appealing to our foreign colleagues and partners for assistance.

The goals of our association are:
- the creation of the Belarus Theatre Community to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of the country;
- the assistance to the repressed theatre workers.
We keep
in order to:
  • preserve what has been achieved in the theatrical art of Belarus till nowadays
  • form a professional community of theatre workers of Belarus
  • support those colleagues who are in trouble
  • create new opportunities for creativity
  • announce such opportunities as internships, residencies, participation in festivals and many more
  • network, inspire and be inspired.
We will be happy to cooperate with theater and cultural institutions
and are ready to promote Belarusian theater all over the world.
If you work or have worked in Belarusian theaters, need help and
up-to-date information about professional opportunities and network,
let us know about it!
Кантактная форма заяўніка на ўдзел у кам'юніці
Дадзеная анкета прызначана выключна для ўнутранага карыстання, каб мець магчымасць больш адрасна звяртацца па нейкіх пытаннях і тэмах. Гэта закрытая інфармацыя і нідзе публікавацца не будзе. Запаўняць можна на беларускай ці рускай мове.
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